SafeTComm creates technology solutions for the public safety and security industries and we have a wide range of technology solutions for governments and industry, including Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and leading mid-sized companies.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the evolving security needs of our clients with tools for everything from real time threat assessment, smart city solutions and surveillance through our Mobile Unified Communications Suite (MUCS) to loss mitigation through technology enabled surveillance systems, to our mobile solutions to better safeguard live events and porous security environments. SafeTComm’s team members have been responsible for a wide range of security and surveillance installations both domestically and world-wide for government and private industry and are able to design unique and cutting edge solutions to meet any security challenge.


We’ve brought together leading technology and business people who are experts in the areas of wireless installations, integration of existing IP and analogue camera systems and their expansion, proprietary camera technology that incorporates bio-metric software and other features designed to provide real time information for the protection of individuals and property and unique mobile wireless solutions to safeguard areas or short-term events.

Our team members have had primary responsibility for sophisticated wireless and wired camera installations in the US and around the world from the Nation’s Capital to the Caribbean. They’ve worked in senior technology and business positions in Fortune 500 and other leading companies including AT&T, Fujitsu, Hitachi and many others and they’ve proven their ability to deliver solutions that help safeguard large organizations, municipalities and governments.


We are solutions providers, we don’t “sell” technology we provide solutions that are enabled by technology and our philosophy is to be a resource for our clients as their security needs evolve. We believe that each client brings a unique set of objectives around meeting their security goals, whether it’s a long term strategy or a more immediate need, our goal is always to leverage and enhance the existing security infrastructure where possible and where there may be gaps provide complementary technology that meets the specific and long-term needs of our client.


The world we live in is mobile and so are our solutions. We are experts in creating wireless communications and building secure distributed wireless networks. We can design turnkey solutions that give you the ability to monitor remotely and to tie into a centralized command center or into a mobile command and control center.

We believe that ensuring a secure environment starts with the premise that security cannot be dependent upon accessing traditional power sources and so our solutions include battery, solar and wireless equipped deployments that can provide a security solution in the most remote locations.

We believe that you should be able to safeguard individuals and property regardless of where they are located and our mobile wireless solutions provide that ability.